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I—II, Alto, Fl. I—II, Hb. I—II, Cl.

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I—II, Trb. St-Roch, Sunday, 10 July , cond. Henri Valentino 2nd perf. St-Eustache, 22 November , cond. Berlioz, with rev. Et iterum autograph full score subsequently given by Berlioz to A. Bessems, discovered Belgium, 3rd perf. Brown, J. Viala, G. John Eliot Gardiner pub. I—II, Bns. I—IV, et c. Et iterum of Resurrexit rev. I—II, P. I—II P. I—II , Hb. I—II, Tromp. I-III, Oph. Salle du Conservatoire, Paris, 26 May , cond. Bloc later rev. I—II orchestre: Fl.

Classical guitar music. Volume II.

Conservatoire, 26 May pub. Conservatoire, 26 May H 28 Fugue Lost comp. Nerval Version I for Sopr, Pf comp. June for Prix de Rome ; pub. Vieillard Fl. I—II, Tromb. I—II, Basse comp. Thomas Gounet see H 39—47 below; comp. Salle Herz, 3 February pub. Stuttgart, 29 December pub. April ; contains melodies from H 6, H 29 Herminie Un bal rev. Conservatoire, Dimanche, 9 December , cond. Habeneck further minor revisions —45; piano reduction by Liszt pub.

August ; pub. Conservatoire, 22 December pub. May — July 1st perf. Conservatoire, 14 April pub. June 1st perf. Conservatoire, 9 December , cond. Habeneck vocal score i, iii, iv pub. October ; pub. Conservatoire, 30 December pub. London, 29 June ; Pauline Viardot , contralto pub. Huber arr. Conservatoire, 22 November pub. Conservatoire, 23 November piano reduction by Liszt pub. Conservatoire, 22 November vocal score pub. I—IV, Hb. I—II, Cor ang. I—IV, Tromp.

Le passage des Alpes trilogie pour la guitare, Op. 27, 28 et 40

I—XII, Tromb. Invalides, 5 December , cond. Habeneck pub. Air Teresa : 23 bars recit. Les belles fleurs! A nous voisines et servantes! Air Fieramosca : bars Ah! I—IV, C. Bruits lontains de concert et de bal. TB—TB semi-ch. I—II, C. Berlioz pub. Gotha, 6 February pub. Leipzig, 23 February pub. Vienna, 29 November full score pub. Cirque Olympique, 6 April pub. Budapest, 15 February incorporated with a new coda in H La damnation de Faust ; vocal score pub. Lille, 14 June vocal score pub. St-Eustache, 30 April rev. Petit oiseau: chanson de paysan , T or Mez or Bar, Pf.

Salle Herz, 10 December pub. I—II, Cor. Baden-Baden, 29 August pub. Vries [Docteur Noir?

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Baden-Baden, 27 August pub. Baden-Baden, 9 August vocal score pub. Category : Composer Composition Lists. Lost Fl. Romance anonymous Chant, Pf. Arrangements: music by various composers Chant, Guitar arr. Pleure, pauvre Colette. March Twitter Facebook.

Napoléon Coste sheet music on MusicaNeo (Digital Download)

Google Stumble. Coste - Souvenirs Delfzil Opus 19 Scherzo. Coste - Souvenirs Meulan Opus 22 Andantino. Coste - Fantaisie Symphonique Opus 28b Allegro. Coste - Fantaisie Symphonique Opus 28b Rondo. Coste - Fantaisie Symphonique Opus 28b Andante. Coste - Fantaisie Symphonique Opus 28b Scherzo.

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Soon the family moved to Ornans, a greater village, close to Amondans, in the Jura. An evacuation report states that, as a boy of only 8 years, armed with a saddle pistol, he stood guard with the soldiers under the attack of the English. Then he must have passed the Zuiderzee, the large and dangerous inner sea of Holland. He was united with his family and lived in Valenciennes in the North of France, where he grew up.

The story goes that he fell seriously ill and could not fulfil the ambition his father had for him in a military career. Instead, he turned to music and learned to play the guitar, first by his mother. At the age of 18 he gave his first concerts in Valenciennes, one in a duet with the travelling virtuoso Sagrini in the Gran Variazioni Concertanti opus 35 that Giuliani wrote in cooperation with Hummel.

Coste also must have played the piano, as he was a teacher of music in Valenciennes and later composed several works for the instrument. There he met other guitarists as Carulli, Carcassi, Aguado and Sor, with whom he probably studied counterpoint and harmony. If not so, he might have studied these skills with a professor of the conservatoire.

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Paris was on the threshhold of important developments in romantic music with Berlioz, Chopin, Liszt, and Coste fulfilled his role in the heritage of Sor, composing an important oeuvre for the guitar. He took music for guitar a step further into romanticism in Paris, as did Mertz in Vienna and Zani de Ferranti in Brussels. He made a succesful career as a guitarist, performing in many concerts, despite the declining interest for the instrument in recitals in favour of the piano. This ended with the injury of his left arm in and again in By then he already had published a voluminous oeuvre of compositions for guitar solo, but nevertheless he had to accept a post as administrator at the Paris community in for a living, from which he was pensioned in Several of the guitar works of Coste cannot be played otherwise than on such an instrument.

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Coste and Mertz entered this contest with many compositions, and Mertz won the first prize with his concertino, perhaps out of pity for his widow, as he himself died just before the final date. After having published most of his works with publishers as Richault, Challiot and Schonenberger, from on he published his own works from opus 43 on to In Europe he had many admirers with whom he had a regular correspondence.

One was Degen from Denmark who made the first known picture of Coste, probably on the occasion of his visit to Paris in The fame of Coste even went to Germany where he became honory member of the Club des Guitaristes de Leipzig, to which he dedicated his famous Livre d'Or du Guitariste opus As a composer he left some 53 opus numbers, mostly works for guitar solo, but also transcriptions of Schubert songs, guitar duets, works for hobo and guitar in many genres.

Napoleon Coste, passage

His importance for the romantic guitar cannot be underestimated, as he is the key figure in the transition from the classical guitar towards romanticism. At present his compositions appear more and more in recitals and in recordings all over the world. Souvenirs The set op seven souvenirs, composed around , is a journey through the memories of Coste, the landscapes of his childhood, the sounds in his youth and the romance of his adolescence. It first leads to Ornans, the village of his childhood in the Jura, in the East of France with grassy fields, corn, woods, rivers and waterfalls, but also rough highlands, where mountaineers travel in their special outfit and finally vanish in the distance.

The river Rhine is mainly the border between France, with its elegant waltzes and Germany, which the French never liked because of its assumed rudeness and lack of refinement. But the flow of the sparkling water is reflected on both sides of the river and in both parts of the composition. In Holland the people must have been kind to the young Coste, as Delfzil breathes a gentle athmosphere.

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It is a waltz with sad and happy memories, the composition varies these feelings in quiet and violent movements, sometimes even imitating the abrupt speech of Groningen. In the music one can hear the movement of the waves, an tumultuous storm coming up, even lightning and thunder.