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The hot thing in video equipment is, paradoxically, sound.

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Examples of paradox. For each of these three secular philosophical positions, the project of a history of science revealed a basic paradox.

Paradox Definition

From Cambridge English Corpus. The second reason, only seemingly a paradox , is the power of creative error. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

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In doing so, he discovers the inherent paradox of his situation. Form is easy, meaning is hard : resolving a paradox in early child language.

This paradox was resolved in various ways by different theorists: polygenism and theories of races as biologically distinct subspecies arose to maintain hegemonic hierarchies. The paradox was of course that a duel arose from speaking the truth. A paradox of personal data is that both keeping the information secret and exchanging the information can be done under the banner of security. The paradox , then, is that a certain unity can only be understood conceptually after this unity is disrupted and lost.

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In other words, the more robust we want an individual's freedom to be, the more prone we are to encountering a liberal or republican paradox. Several paradoxes that are challenges for those designing fallsprevention programmes emerged from the review. Given such ' normal ' milestones, it is not clear why a general perception of language delay in young bilinguals has prevailed recall the ' bilingual paradox '.

Paradoxes of the same form as the library paradox may be constructed for the series of natural numbers as the above example illustrates. The second paradox they note is that of linguistic expansion versus language compression.

Paradoxical Leadership Technology

This lacks even the appearance of paradox to which the critics object. This paradox could be explained through how well the corporate privileges were upheld. Translations of paradox in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of paradox? Browse paradigm shift. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes.

What is Russell's paradox?

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Phrasal verbs to express emotions, part 1 September 18, Read More. How can an individual treat others kindly even when he is cruel? This act of Hamlet will be a tragedy for his mother, who is married to Claudius. The contradictory ideas of the earth being the birthplace and a graveyard make these lines paradoxical. This statement has a seemingly incorrect supposition, but when we look deep into its meaning, we see the truth.

The poet is saying that the childhood experiences become the basis for all adult occurrences.

Paradox - Examples and Definition of Paradox in Literature

One function of literature is to make the readers enjoy reading. Readers enjoy more when they extract the hidden meanings out of the writing rather than something presented to them in an uncomplicated manner. Thus, the chief purpose of a paradox is to give pleasure. In poetry, the use of paradox is not confined to mere wit and pleasure; rather, it becomes an integral part of poetic diction. Poets usually make use of paradox to create a remarkable thought or image out of words.

Some types of paradox in poetry are meant to communicate a tone of irony to its readers as well as lead their thoughts to the immediate subject.