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We store carbs in our body as glycogen in our muscles and liver. The key here is that the body can store only about one pound of glycogen at a time; anything in excess of that is converted into fat. The first time I went for a run when visiting my parents in Cornelius, Oregon—elevation: feet—after moving to Denver, I thought my watch was broken.

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The source of my newfound superpower—and yours—has nothing to do with a cape or radioactive spider, though. It has everything to do with a hormone called erythropoietin, or EPO. When your body registers a lack of oxygen, EPO triggers the production of more red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the muscles. So when you train—or just live—at elevation, you produce more red blood cells, says Dr. Silverton miner Neil McQuieg establishes the foundations of what will become—in —the Kendall Mountain Run when he runs to the top of the 13,foot peak on a bet. Boulder resident Frank Shorter wins gold in the marathon at the Munich Olympics.

Roughly 2, runners join the inaugural BolderBoulder. In , more than 50, are expected to run the 10K. The now-renowned running club Boulder Road Runners is established the same year. Kenneth Chlouber and Merilee Maupin create the Leadville Trail run, a body- and soul-crushing ultra race through the Rockies that gains and loses more than 15, feet over miles. Coloradan Ellen Hart finishes 11th at the U. Marathon Trials.

The Los Angeles Olympics marks the first year women are allowed to compete in the marathon 12 years after the first woman officially ran in the Boston Marathon. The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure comes to Colorado for the first time. Fort Collins hosts the first Colorado Marathon. The Colfax Marathon debuts in May and hosts the U. National Wheelchair Marathon Championships.

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If you want the occasional vegan recipe to go along with your training tips, Scott Jurek is your guy. An ultrarunning legend and best-selling author Eat and Run , Jurek cultivates a beautiful and informative Insta-stream from his Boulder base. Follow Scott Jurek on Instagram.

This Boulder-based running group trains Olympic hopefuls and other elites like Alia Gray, Margaret Connelly, and the mustachioed marathon sensation Noah Droddy. Follow Roots Running Project on Instagram. Olympic distance runner and Boulder resident Adam Goucher launched this website and Instagram feed with fellow runner Tim Catalano following their book, Running the Edge.

The goal: motivation and training through community support and virtual challenges. Follow Run The Edge on Instagram. Fortunately Denver has dozens of running groups, so finding folks to hold you accountable—and have fun with—is easy. All you have to do is determine what motivates you. Organized by volunteers, this group meets Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings check the Facebook page for locations for to minute trail runs, typically in the foothills. The Denver branch of this nonprofit has been pairing able-bodied runners with those with disabilities on weekly Monday night runs at Wash Park since The long, leg-testing jaunts usually 10 to 20 miles in the metro area come with marked routes, aid stations, and more than 10 pace groups.

Revolution Running: Another competitor. The 5K leaves at That means the dozens of Denverites who regularly attend the HTB run—which happens year-round in rain, shine, snow, or single-digit temps—get back around the same time to enjoy a free pasta-and-salad dinner and 20 percent off beer together.

Colorado Brewery Running Series: This Minnesota-born series came to Denver in and starting this month will again offer frequent weekend morning runs departing from breweries such as Ratio Beerworks and Cerebral Brewing. The most important training day of the week is the one you take off. Here are seven ways to recover when you take a zero as in, zero miles. Two hearts surround them. Early bird pricing ends at midnight, Sept Tables and tickets have sold out in the past 6 years thanks to our wonderful community. Click to see inside - so much to read and learn about!

And early bird pricing for Gala tickets ends Sept 19 for the Oct 19 event Parents of children under age 3: Do you have a story to share about the hearing screening process? Did the national goals of "screen by one month, diagnostics by 3 months and enrolled in early intervention by 6 months" NOT go smoothly for your child? We have lots of success stories in our state but need stories that point out current gaps. Please email your interest see comment.

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Some may be used as early as Monday afternoon, Sept 9 for a public meeting about our hearing screening bill rulemaking. This just in!

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An ASL interpreter will be available for the 9 am - 10 am guided bird walk and to interpret for visitors wishing to take part in learning how to net, band, and identify birds at the bird banding station from 10 - 11 am. One of the goals of Barr Lake State Park is to offer programming that is inclusive for all community members. Curious about cochlear implants? Is your child using a CI and you want to understand it better? Visit with all manufacturers, participate in presentations, and attend a panel of consumers using implants and parents of a young child at the UCH Cochlear Implant Day event, free to attendees.

Must register in advance.

Here’s a guide to how the Colorado state budget works, and how much is spent – The Colorado Sun

Coming up soon! If you're interested in attending, volunteering, or donating, let us know at the links below. This team is forming for the Nov 3 event to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research.

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  4. Join the team that Sunday in honor of our beloved teacher, friend, and colleague Dianne Goberis or support it online! Looking for a review of this option for our community as Alexa becomes accessible to sign language. We had a productive day of discussions and planning for new opportunities! Come join us at our annual Fall Benefit on October 19 and support families of deaf and hard of hearing children! I wanted to provide a list for folks to find it. There are also recipes for cooking with beer and even homebrewing recipes for folks who want to try out great classic Colorado beers at home.

    How does this book help me? That was probably the biggest challenge, just picking which breweries to feature. To pick the best ones, I approached it much like I would as a political reporter — I interviewed dozens of beer experts and industry observers and compiled a list of their favorites, and really put aside my personal preferences. And a handful of new ones came too late. You organized the book geographically — beer hubs like major cities, then divided the state into sections.

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    The brewer there just makes great beer on a small system, at a great pizza joint that always has live music. I spent a good bit of time in Steamboat Springs, which has a thriving beer scene. Now there are too many for me to mention them all. You understand nuance in politics. How did you develop your affinity and understanding of the beer scene? From there, it was a downward slope, at least for my bank account.

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    So is it just a matter of tasting a lot of the innovations and options? I will say that learning to homebrew gave me a whole new appreciation for beer — the art of it as well as the creativity and room for innovation. So much of tasting beer is actually aroma. And so much of whether you like a beer is based on the memories you have. Your brain is constantly analyzing it — is it orange or strawberry or maple syrup or cake batter? Like eating as a child and learning what food we like as a toddler, you need to try new flavors multiple times for your brain to begin to understand them.

    But the best crossover between my beats is that politicians love good beer, too. More than anything, beer helps the politics go down, which is more true than ever these days. The way you describe the complexity of beer flavors these days makes it sound like wine. Do you have an equal affinity for the grape? I love good beer and good wine. I love seeing how beer is emerging as a more elevated beverage and that allows me to write about it in a larger cultural frame than just an alcoholic beverage. You went all over the state.