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Today the Talpiot tomb is sealed underground between apartment buildings in East Talpiot, and its ossuaries are back with the Antiquities Authority.

What Jewish Burial Practices Reveal about the Beginning of Christianity

They expect the Christian community to not take well to the findings, but they argue that their research is purely scientific, and not theological, in nature. The case has already aroused international interest, after The Times devoted an Easter Sunday feature to the claims.

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In response to the finding, Prof. James Tabor from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte said that scholars should take these kinds of findings as historical data. He believes that archeologists, geologists and scholars should remain in search of truth and fact. Jerusalem Post Christian News. By Ariel Cohen. Share on facebook Share on twitter. Related Content. May 21, Christian broadcasting studio attacked by arson on Shabbat morning.

Jesus and the Ossuaries

World affairs prove 'Lord is soon to return,' Christian broadcaster says. One year later: remembering Billy Graham. Evangelizing is wrong, say nearly half of Christian millennials. Subscribe for our daily newsletter. Hot Opinion.

Susan Hattis Rolef. Think About it: What is required is patience. Jeff Barak. Shmuley Boteach.

JAMES, BROTHER OF JESUS - The James Ossuary Discovery

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Joint List endorses Gantz without Balad, giving Netanyahu majority. Carter administration knew of Israeli nuclear test, turned a blind eye. The following attribution must accompany this image: The James ossuary was on display at the Royal Ontario Museum from November 15, to January 5, But after a grueling seven-year trial, a judge cleared Oded Golan, who owned the box, of the forgery charges.

He was convicted of illegal trading in antiquities.

James Ossuary - Wikipedia

James, brother of James Saint James the Just. According to Tombetti and other supporters of Oded Golan, the fury over the James Ossuary was fueled in part by a desire to deny that Mary, mother of Jesus, gave birth to other children as well as the wish to suppress any archaeological evidence of the existence of Jesus. In addition, a microorganism was found on the inscription and on the ossuary, a fungus that takes at least a hundred years to expand by a few inches. It covered a vast area of the ossuary and in particular its presence was detected over the entire inscription.

This meant that its dating had to be forcibly backdated to many centuries ago, approximately to the 1st century AD, and the same applies to the entire epigraph.

Some people say that James was not the brother of Jesus but a cousin. Others say he was a brother, and a highly respected person. Some say James faced stoning, others that he was beaten with a club. Was James the brother of Jesus?